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The magnitude of benefits of Masturbation for women

The magnitude of benefits of Masturbation for women - Women become very shy if discussing the issue of masturbation. In fact, they are reluctant to discuss it with a friend or spouse. The men ever seems to love women who do this activity alone. Seem strange to see women satisfying themselves.

woman-getting-ready-to-masturbate-in-bed becausea this situation, many women are not aware of the great benefits that will be felt if masturbating. The sex therapists still continues to perform various studies on this subject.

The magnitude of benefits of Masturbation for women
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Benefits of Masturbation for women

And they recommend women to masturbate, especially for those who are hard to orgasm. Because it turns out that masturbation help women recognize their own bodies and know what's fun for them.

Roughly what great benefits are obtained by women with masturbation?

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Help Achieve Orgasm

As already mentioned above, masturbation can help a woman to achieve orgasm. And, normal for a woman to achieve orgasm when masturbating, just like men. The difference, women have two ways that can make her orgasm, nothing happens due tostimulation of the clitoris (oragsme klitoral) and rangsangab due to the G-spot (vaginal orgasm).

If you want to get an orgasm while making love, try doggy style position. Because this position focus stimulation on the clitoris. However, it would be better if the couple can focus on two areas of stimulation (the clitoris and vagina) while making love. Because women can experience orgasms twice than before. How do I do it? Of course with coaching skills.

benefits of Masturbation for women
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Orgasm Faster Obtained

Certain women, masturbation can make you get an orgasm quicker than when sex with a partner. Why? Because women need quite a long time to reach "peak". With masturbation, stimulation of the genital area is focused on direct and other sensitive points making it easier for a woman to orgasm.

Women can Masturbate in many different ways

Many women feel guilty for masturbating when he already has a lover. Why? But experts argue it is reasonable. If you're want to make love but stymied State (the couple away, busy, tired, and so forth), masturbation is the only way out, isn't it?

Generally, fingers and a vibrator used to masturbating. Any way to masturbate is considered normal by the sex therapists. But, experts worrying about wearing a vibrator because it has a side effect which is quite worrying. Vibrator may reduce the ability of the female orgasm the moment along pasanganya, as well as make the genitalarea be a pain or numbness. Should not be used too frequently or excessive.

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Improve The Mood

The mood were jamming down? Masturbation can fix. Solo sex makes you focus on PLEASURING yourself, without the need to make sure the couple enjoy or not. But this does not mean that women should be selfish Yes. This meant that the woman is allowed to occasionally think of yourself.

magnitude of benefits of Masturbation for women
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Improve Sex Life

Masturbation can help women to learn what is pleasing to them. This can help improve confidence sexually, also guide couples in making love later. Ladies dont be shy to show where the sensitive area or how he wanted to be treated by her partner.

A woman using a vibrator to masturbate more turned out to have sexual function in case of vaginal lubrication, desire, passion, and the ease of orgasm. They dont feel pain during intercourse.

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Helps Relax

A bad day will affect women's minds thus causing stress. Masturbation became one alternative to please yourself and drive away the stress. It is indeed not always overcome, but this activity is quite helpful, really.

Reduce Menstrual Pain

For women who are always experiencing cramps or pain when it comes months, try to masturbate. This activity is quite help reduce PMS symptoms perceived women, even reduces anger and irritability. Especially if masturbation to elicit orgasm, it can help alleviate migraine. Although some experts say that masturbation as one trigger for migraines, these activities can also decrease it.

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Benefits of Alcohol for Heart Health

 benefits of alcohol for health
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Benefits of Alcohol for Heart Health - Those who drink alcohol are not excessive (about one drink a day or less), 14-25%more or less get heart disease than those who did not drink alcohol at all, according to research led by Professor William University of Calgary Ghali, published today in the British Medical Journal.

Alcoholic Beverages

The first paper, led by Paul Ronksley from University of Calgary emphasized that a balance is needed between public message which says that consuming large amounts of alcohol is bad for you, and the other that is drinking alcohol are not excessive can benefit health.

Paper partners led by Dr. Susan Brien, also from the University of Calgary, found that moderate alcohol consumption (in the size of one drink a day or 15 g alcohol per day for women and reaching range of 30 g of alcohol per day for men) turned out to be good for health. They say that the amount of alcohol being significantly increases the level of good cholesterol that circulate in the body and this has the influence of the protection against heart disease.

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Brien and his colleagues convey that their study strengthens the case that there is a causal relationship between alcohol consumption and a reduction in heart disease.

The makers of both papers acknowledge that a number of previous studies have concluded that moderate alcohol consumption has been associated with a decrease inheart disease. However, they say that once such research has expired and need new material. Professor Ghali said that research conducted by the team is the most comprehensive up-to-date.

Ghali and his colleagues look back 84 study of alcohol consumption and heart disease. They compare the alcohol drinkers with which are not drinkers and their results are associated with heart disease, death from heart disease, the incidence of stroke and death due to stroke.

 good benefits of alcohol
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In the study partners, Brien and his colleagues look back 63 study and investigate alcohol consumption with physical signs for heart disease like cholesterol, inflammatory levels, fat cells and blood vessel conditions. They also assess the influence of the type of alcohol consumed as wine, beer and spirits).

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Interestingly, research conducted by Brien concluded that the content of alkoholah that provides health benefits and not the type or types of alcoholic drinks (wine, beer or spirits) who drink.

Professor Ghali concludes that the debate between the impact of alcohol against heart disease is now supposed to be centered on how to integrate evidence into clinical practice and public health messages.

He added, "with the message of public health now there may be an urge to better communicate to the public that are not excessive alcohol consumption has the advantage that exceeds the overall health risks on a group of patients. Such strategies need to be accompanied by proper studies as well as errors of impact.

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Anyway, What are the benefits of soursop leaves?

Anyway, What are the benefits of soursop leaves?
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Benefits of soursop fruit may have You heard, but what about the soursop leaves? So, not only the fruit that you can take advantage of, but the leaves of a tree You can also take advantage of the soursop. Soursop leaves this can You make as a drink for your consumption and get the benefits of soursop leaves.

Anyway, What are the benefits of soursop leaves?

Soursop leaves have myriad benefits and contain a variety of nutrients essential to protect you from disease. Some of the content of nutrients in soursop leaves are vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, fructose, and protein. In addition, soursop leaf also contains compounds called acetogenin. These compounds proved to be able to act as an antiparasitic, antiviral, anti-inflammatories, and antimicrobial. This makes the soursop leaves rich in benefits.

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1. Help treat cancer

It has been a lot of research that suggests that the soursop leaf can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and cure cancer faster. One of the research has been conducted by the National Cancer Institute. The results prove that the soursop leaves can help fight cancer cells.

Soursop leaves have active compounds called acetogenin. These compounds may help the body fight cancer cells. You can get these benefits by way of boiling 10 sheets soursop leaves fresh in 3 cups of water. The result is 1 Cup. Drinking regularly twice a day for 2 weeks.

2. Help treat diabetes

Research also has shown that the soursop leaves proven can lower blood sugar levels by stimulating the release of the hormone insulin to turn sugar into energy. This allows the body's cells use blood sugar as energy, so the blood sugar levels are not high and you avoid diabetes. To get the benefits of soursop leaves, you can boil 5 leaves fresh soursop juice with 2 glasses of water. Boil until remaining 1 cups. This soursop leaf to the water every morning and evening before going to bed.

3. Help cure gout

Soursop leaves can also be used to treat Your gout. Compounds contained in soursop leaves is able to help the body in getting rid of uric acid in the blood. You can drink water decoction of soursop leaf to get these benefits. Way is to boil 6-10 sheets soursop leaves with 2 cups of water until the result 1 glass of water. You can drink water this stew twice a day, at morning and night.
anti-inflammatories in soursop leaves
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4. Help treat rheumatism

For those of you who have arthritis You may be able to utilize the soursop leaves to cure your pain. The content of existing anti-inflammatories in soursop leaves can assist you in treating rheumatism. How does drinking water with rebusannya, but with how put soursop leaves (which already boiled and crushed) directly into your joints affected by arthritis. Do this two times in a day.
Content of anti-inflammatories in soursop leaves can also assist you in treating eczema. In the same way, namely by putting soursop leaves that has been finely ground to the skin which are having eczema. Good luck!

5. make your sleep more soundly

Soursop leaves made into tea can also improve the quality of your sleep. The content of tryptophan in soursop leaves can make your sleep more soundly and quietly. You may also be able to utilize the soursop leaf to treat insomnia.

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7 Benefits of Baby Oil for Beauty

7 Benefits of Baby Oil for Beauty
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Baby oil is a special baby oil normally used for massaging baby, warm the baby's body, and gives a distinctive aroma on the baby. In addition, it turns out that baby oil has great benefits to shine your beauty, ladies! Therefore, at this time the article will be discussed about the 7 benefits of baby oil for beauty upon you. Want to know the complete info? Just check out his review here.

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7 benefits of Baby Oil for beauty that need you know

Baby oil is commonly used by the baby after bath in order to have a fresh fragrance, not only that baby oil is also used for massaging baby. But, there are other benefits you need to know why. Let's see,

Addressing the oily face

If you are facing the problem of oily facial skin care with the use of baby oil this probably could be one of the solutions right, ladies! The trick is quite simple, that is by applying baby oil into the oily faces while massaged gently, let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Do this treatment at least 3 times a week for maximum results.

Lip mask

If your mouth is dry and chapped lip mask, use baby oil could probably be the fastest solution to address it. The content of nutrients in baby oil it can moisturize the dry lips.
The trick is quite easy, that just by rubbing baby oil on the surface of your mouth at night, then wipe with clean water the next day. Do these treatments on a regular basis each day when you will sleep for maximum results.
Make Eyebrow Thicker
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A less bushy eyebrow make you have to eyebrow pencil that is famous for using his difficult, but using baby oil per day you can have the eyebrows thicker in a short time, lho ladies!
The trick is quite simple, that is by rubbing baby oil over the entire surface of the your eyebrows every night and then rinsing it off the next day.

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If you want to sharpen the color of eye shadow and make it more durable, then you can apply eye shadow on your eyelids first before applying eye shadow. Then the eye shadow color will have a sharper and longer lasting.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are often come to the surface of the skin is indeed very disturbing appearance, Yes ladies! But don't worry, these stretch marks can you remove with baby oil slathered onto the surface of the skin there are stretch marks around it at night.

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Do this routine maintenance each night to get the maximum results.

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Benefits of Mangoes Leaves For Man and Woman

Benefits Leaves Mango
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Benefits of Mangoes Leaves For Man and Woman - Leaves of mango usually can easily be encountered in rural areas, but not many people use it as an alternative to health, therefore on this occasion I try to share an article about the benefits of leaf mango, because it leaves Mango also has Efficacy that many for health human body.

Benefits Leaves Mango

Meanwhile For a discussion of the mango fruit itself has been discussed on occasion and that is in the article Benefits of Mango, please just read the article for more detailed information about this Seasonal fruit. Now we should have a direct read any Efficacy contained in this mango leaves.

Efficacy Mango Leaf For Health

diabetic angiopathy

This disease is known as vascular diseases in because of diabetes. not only that, a definite improvement observed in diabetes is mainly due to the healing effect of these compounds on the leaf veins in and around the pancreas. Tea made from the leaves of mango

also good in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and hypertension.

1 cup / mug every day with 2 tablespoons guava, mango or papaya juice would be ideal to strengthen the fragile veins and varicose veins.

Lowering High Blood Pressure

Can treat anxiety in the individual. Two to three cups of tea can be added to bath water and used as a herbal bath to refresh the spirit and cool.

Mango leaves benefits for diarrhea, fever, insomnia and hypertension

It is seen as a common remedy for diabetes. Jamaica is known to use herbal medicines that are cheaper and most of the trees that grow on almost every page of your coming, that gives everyone easy access to alternative medicine. 1 cup each day with 2 tablespoons guava, mango or papaya juice would be ideal to strengthen the fragile veins and varicose veins.

Benefits of mango leaves to relieve coughs
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Benefits of mango leaves to relieve coughs

Especially whooping cough and is also beneficial for asthma, bronchitis and colds. Therefore, a good tool in any respiratory condition. Benefits of Mango leaves also make herbal mouthwash is excellent for a variety of gum problems. This will reduce the pain and bring relief to the mouth.

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Mango leaves benefits for gout

The trick young mango leaves brewed as brewing tea in a glass. Hot water for a minute it changes color to brown, then add a little white sugar. Then drink the infusion of the young mango leaves.

Relieves Symptoms of Diabetes

Way, simply by soaking overnight mango leaves in a cup of water. After that, drain leaves out and drink the water. This helps to relieve the symptoms of diabetes.

Like where after reading this article I hope you are enlightened, and can take advantage of mango leaves as well as possible, but for the consumption of a lot and in the long term there if you consult in advance on Internal Medicine Traditional medicines, Hope can help ya. See you again in the next article.

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Benefits of Regularly Having Sex

Benefits of Regularly Having Sex
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Benefits of Regularly Having Sex - Against a general perception that more sex can improve relationship health, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto-Mississauga in Ontario, Canada, it suggests different things. According to this study, the happiest couples are those who only have sex once a week.

"Although the intercourse more often associated with greater happiness, but research proves make love once a week is what makes the happy couple," said lead researcher Amy Muise.

 Benefits of Regularly Having Sex

According to him, the emphasis is on mutual disconnected between husband and wife. "The important thing is to maintain an intimate connection with your partner, and for that you do not need to have sex every day as long as you keep it," said Muise.

Several previous studies refer to the frequency of having Sex in a week is directly proportional to the happiness of the couple. The more often the two make love, then happiness will increase.

The study was based on surveys of more than 30 thousand people in the Americas for more than four decades. The results of the study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

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The study results also reverses stereotypes that have been believed by many people, is that men have a greater sexual appetite, and that the older couple, they are less and less sex. In fact, said Muise, there was no difference in the findings by gender, age, or duration of the relationship.

But he said the study's findings do not mean that a couple should reach an average of once a week in lovemaking. "Importantly, the couple discuss their sexual needs of each," he said. In essence, it is important to maintain the romanticism remain lit in between them rather than too much emphasis on intercourse as often as possible.

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Benefits of Banana

Benefits of Banana
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Banana, The famous fruit that known by almost all people in the world. not only because her taste and her beautiful color, banana is know by peoples is becasue its benefits for human health is so great. in this article i wanna share some benefits of banana that i know.

Benefits of Banana fro Human Health

banana, this Yellow fruit can you find in Indonesia easily. Aside from being a source of carbohydrates, here are some benefits of bananas:

1. Provide additional energy

Eating bananas at breakfast highly recommended. Bananas are full of vitamins, minerals are also a source of energy. Than you consume energy drinks, by eating two bananas a body has a more lasting energy.

2. Helps reduce depression

Banana has benefits to reduce depression, this is because the content of tryptophan and vitamin B6 in bananas can improve mood restless.

3. Help system of the brain

Potassium contained in bananas can help boost brain power and concentration. So good to eat bananas for breakfast for children and adults.

Benefits of Banana to Smooth digestion and relieve constipation
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4. Smooth digestion and relieve constipation

Fruits with high fiber, highly recommended for people who are experiencing indigestion. Eating bananas before taking laxatives.

5. Assist the diet

High levels of carbohydrate that can give you the power and energy that last a long time, so it was not easy you hungry. Digestion becomes smooth too toxic substances in the body also becomes wasted.

6. Eliminate pain during menstruation

Rather than taking pain pills during menstruation, better eating bananas. Because the content of his B6 can relieve menstrual pain also regulate glucose levels in the blood.

Apparently a lot yes bananas naturally benefits that can be optimized for treating various kinds of pain and its effects on the body was more natural than you consume drugs made from chemicals.